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Choose Your Own Adventure For Younger Readers (also known as the Skylark series), was a sub-series of Choose Your Own Adventure books aimed at younger readers. This concept (along with several books), was reused in the Dragonlark series.

List of Choose Your Own Adventure For Younger Readers books[]

1. The Circus

2. The Haunted House

3. Sunken Treasure

4. Your Very Own Robot

5. Gorga, The Space Monster

6. The Green Slime

7. Help! You're Shrinking

8. Indian Trail

9. Dream Trips

10. The Genie in the Bottle

11. The Bigfoot Mystery

12. The Creature from Miller's Pond

13. Jungle Safari

14. The Search for Champ

15. The Three Wishes

16. Dragons!

17. Wild Horse Country

18. Summer Camp

19. The Tower of London

20. Trouble in Space

21. Mona is Missing

22. The Evil Wizard

23. The Polar Bear Express

24. The Mummy's Tomb

25. The Flying Carpet

26. The Magic Path

27. Ice Cave

28. Fire!

29. The Fairy Kidnap

30. Runaway Spaceship

31. Lost Dog!

32. Blizzard at Black Swan Inn

33. Haunted Harbor

34. Attack of the Monster Plants

35. The Miss Liberty Caper

36. The Owl Tree

37. Haunted Halloween Party

38. Sand Castle

39. Caravan

40. The Great Easter Bunny Adventure

41. The Movie Mystery

42. Light on Burro Mountain

43. Home in Time for Christmas

44. You See the Future

45. The Great Zopper Toothpaste Treasure

46. A Day with the Dinosaurs

47. Spooky Thanksgiving

48. You Are Invisible

49. Race of the Year

50. Stranded!

51. You Can Make a Difference: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.

52. The Enchanted Attic

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