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Choose Your Own Nightmare was a sub-series of Choose Your Own Adventure, that ran from 1995 to 1997. The series has more recently been revived by ChooseCo.

List of Choose Your Own Nightmare books[]

  1. Night of the Werewolf
  2. Beware the Snake's Venom
  3. Island of Doom
  4. Castle of Darkness
  5. The Halloween Party
  6. Risk Your Life Arcade
  7. Biting for Blood
  8. Bugged Out!
  9. The Mummy Who Wouldn't Die
  10. It Happened at Camp Pine Tree
  11. Watch Out for Room 13
  12. Something's in the Woods
  13. The Haunted Baby
  14. The Evil Pen Pal
  15. How I Became a Freak
  16. Welcome to Horror Hospital
  17. Attack of the Living Mask
  18. The Toy Shop of Terror