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Journey Under the Sea
Title: Journey Under the Sea
Author: R. A. Montgomery
Illustrator: Barbara Carter (original)

Paul Granger (pseudonym for Don Hedin) (CYOA artwork) Catherine Huerta (CYOA reissue cover) Sittisan Sundaravej (2005 reissue) Kriangsak Thongmoon (2005 reissue) Marc McBride (Australian cover)

Pages: Original: 97, CYOA version, 117
Endings: 42
Series: Choose Your Own Adventure
Choose Your Own Adventure Reissues
Previous book: The Cave Of Time or The Abominable Snowman
Next book: By Balloon to the Sahara or Space and Beyond
Publication date: Original: 1977, first CYOA version: 1979, modern CYOA edition, 2005
Publisher: Bantam

Journey Under the Sea was the second Choose Your Own Adventure book ever published. It was written by R. A. Montgomery.

Plot number series[]

You, a diver searching for the lost city of Atlantis, find more then you bargained for...

Publication history[]

The book was originally published in 1976 as part of The Adventures of You series, a precursor to CYOA. It was then republished, in an expanded form, in 1976 as part of the original line of CYOA books. Later, in the eighties, it was publishedin England, and a new version with different cover art was made available in America. When the series restarted in 2005, this book was the second one to be republished. It was subsequently republished with different cover art in Australia. When the series recieved a makeover in 2010, yet another new edition was released, this one featuring a modified version of the 2005 editions cover art. Description[]

Did the Lost City of Atlantis really exist? Or is it just a myth? There's no time to ponder this existence as the doors of your special deep-sea submarine seal shut and you plunge hundreds of feet below the surface toward the adventure of your career. You might be a talented deep-sea diver, but are you prepared for giant squids, killer sharks, even underwater earthquakes that force you to fight for your life as you search for the Lost City? Do you find it? Only time will tell as you descend deeper toward impending doom or glorious exploration...fate is in your hands!

Secret Online Ending[]

Like several CYOA books that have been reprinted, this one has a secret online ending. It continues from page 89.

Cover Gallery[]

CH02 new
Original CYOA cover.80's reissue coverChooseco reissue coverAustralian coverUpdated Chooseco cover

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