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The Multiverse is the set of many different universes. These universe can be accessed by technological devices, which carries danger with it: the more travel is done between universes, the more the barriers between universes are weakened until the universes merge in a catastrophic event. Therefore, the safe way to explore the Multiverse is to travel to a distant universe, and then not visit that one again for a few years. ("Sister From the Multiverse")

Known universes[]

Universe Description Source
A universe which is the main setting for "Sister From the Multiverse" "Sister From the Multiverse"
The universe which Veronica, as well as "You" and their moms come from, as seen in "Sister from the Multiverse" "Sister From the Multiverse"
A universe in its heat death -- no stars, no heat, no life. "Sister From the Multiverse"
A universe where humans and dolphins have learned to communicate with each other 100 years ago. "Sister From the Multiverse"
A universe where Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated in the U.S., and "your" mom is a dentist. According to "your" counterpart, this universe is incredibly boring to live in. "Sister From the Multiverse"