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Sister from the Multiverse
Title: Sister from the Multiverse
Author: C.E. Berger
Illustrator: Gabhor Utomo
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Sister from the Multiverse is a 2023 Choose Your Own Adventure book by C.E. Berger. It's part of the modern series.


From the official CYOA site:

In C. E. Berger’s CYOA debut, Sister from the Multiverse, you and your single mom live an ordinary life—sure, she’s always been a bit secretive about her job, but it’s none of your business. That is, until a girl arrives outside your school one day claiming to be your long-lost sister… from a parallel universe! Does your mom’s top-secret research at her science lab have something to do with this? And can you and your sister figure out how to unite your broken family and stop an evil scientist from using your mom’s technology to take over the multiverse?

Appearing in this book[]


  • "You"
  • Veronica
  • "Mom"
  • "Mama"
  • Mr. Browning
  • Evil Mr. Browning