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Magic of the Unicorn is book 51 in the Choose Your Own Adventure series. It was written by Deborah Lemme Goodman.

Book Description:[]

The only water supply for your small forest village has become polluted beyond repair. Your wise friend, Maire-Claire, sends you off with a magical talisman in hopes that you'll be able to save your town from demise. Can you solve the town riddle and find the sorceress? Even if you find her, will she be able to purify the well? Does a unicorn reside in the forest? Its horn is said to fix even the worst of ailment, but is it too late to save it? A fire-breathing dragon, an angry warlock, and a devilish Duchess all stand in your path. You must muster all your bravery, quick thinking, and creativity to weave a magical route to safety- for your village and for yourself!